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Who we are

Bob Beckett & James Starr, along with their amazing team has been helping 1,000’s of Entrepreneurs Worldwide for over 15 Years Now!


“The Digital Affiliates” is a product of Dreams Unlimited Marketing, LLC.

The Digital Affiliates was formed for one main reason. To help 1,000’s of people, like yourself, become truly independent online entrepreneurs. To finally discover how to not only establish a real business online, but give you the the skills and expertise to have total freedom in whatever you want to promote/create online.

After being in the industry for almost 19 years full-time and training 1,000’s of our clients/friends on how to make money online, we found the best way for beginners to even the far advanced, to finally start seeing the success they have always wanted. That is by simply COPYING us with our weekly case study videos! That’s right, you just COPY us, and you will become a MASTER!

We take pride in seeing real people, get real results! Whether that’s generating endless leads for their business opportunity or selling massive amount of affiliate offers! We also have helped change the game for local business owners. To sum it all up, if your business needs traffic and conversions, then The Digital Affiliates is for you!

Our Customers Love Us!

When I first heard about ‘The Digital Affiliates. I was a Iittle hesitant to get Involved. I was already heavily promoting some other stuff at the time, but BOY 0 BOY am I glad I took a leap and dove in. Within about 24 hours I was already over $800 In profit and over the next 4 weeks that VERY quickly turned into $6K!! It’s now my 5th week as a #TDA member and I’m about to hit $8K In profit. I cna’t thank Bob Beckett & James Starr enough for creating this cool platform, It ROCKS!!! If you’ve been looking at what we are doing but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, NOW might be a goad time to get serious and jump In….

-Dave Prosser

Can you say LIFE CHANGING, I jumped in with TDA 6 weeks ago and let’s just say WOW I’ve learned soooo much. I get up daily ready to learn and take action. The Digital Affiliates Is exactly what Is explained In the video above. You copy and paste what these two crazy amazing guys are doing. I made all my Investments back within 2 weeks and now making money almost dally. My business page is growing fast and I’m selling my own coaching packages, T-shirts, business products all just from teaching what I’ve learned and putting it into action. I’m also building my list by bringing in new leads daily. If you want to take your business to a whole new level this is it Jump all in friends every level brings more and more Information. If you are not in business and are looking for a way to make money now then this is a perfect fit. Don’t wait. Live the laptop lifestyle now. TDA is AMAZING.

-Tracy Wagner