Staying Consistent and Avoiding Distractions

Staying Consistent and Avoiding Distractions

There are a few things I learned about staying consistent and avoiding distractions while traveling to Atlanta these last 4 days that I actually knew, but was not implementing into my daily routine.

Let me start off by saying this was a road trip…12 hours…and that is where so many of these “wake up” calls or “A-Ha” moments happened while driving.  Bobby and I probably listened to 15 hours total of podcasts while driving and man… was it awesome!

Yeah, I would listen to a podcast here and there throughout the month, but not on a consistent basis.  That is going to change big time. So that is the first thing that I can highly recommend to you. Consistently feed your brain with knowledge,  it can only make YOU better so you can be better for others in the industry.  And that is where the money is at!

Another thing that I really resonated with was how to avoid the daily distractions throughout the day.  I personally thought that I was managing that pretty good… but can honestly say I needed some improvement.  We all do, and no-one ever “arrives”.  It’s constantly evolving and between new science and new technology, it’s an evergreen essential for you to focus on getting better at productivity.

Here is an example: I am working on a campaign, let’s just say its for Facebook.  This should not take me all day to complete…right?

I am going through the steps of putting up the campaign and BOOM… my FB messenger goes off.  That is an instant distraction that is going to divert my attention from one thing I need to get done (I think we all have ran into this problem).

My older self would check the message… start a conversation… and then finish it up.  Then I would see a video that someone posted that caught my eye so I spend 3 minutes watching that. And to top it off I decide to take a walk down the news feed to see what is going on at that particular time before I knew it, it was 45 minutes to an hour before I would realize that I was working on the campaign (that would have been done already and most likely approved and running!

The truth is you are limited to the amount of attention you have at any given moment.  If you are putting your attention in a FB Message… you are obviously not training and/or putting a campaign up to increase your marketing skills.

Now obviously, in some cases, you are talking to potential clients on FB Message… but to leave yourself wide open where at any given moment your attention can be distracted and set you in a whirlwind of chaos is simply setting yourself up for failure.

I know that this is a vicious cycle for most entrepreneurs.

Just imagine how much more you would get done if you eliminated just 1 or 2 of your biggest distractions on a daily basis and focused on what was going to make you successful.

Carve out a specific time to actually check your messenger, emails, and skype, etc…  and if it’s not that time, turn it off!

If you do that fam, it will be a huge GAME CHANGER in your business and your life, I can guarantee that.  It also helps you stay focused and less stressed… which I all think we can agree is awesome.

Understand, these are not huge obstacles, they are actually very easy to implement.

I appreciate each and every one of you and want to see you achieve success.  Let’s have a great week Fam!

Freddy O

P.S. If I don’t answer you on messenger you know why now 😉
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