The New Age of Internet Marketing

The New Age of Internet Marketing

The world of internet marketing is changing dramatically and if you know how to hone in on the right tools and training, no matter what the news is telling you about the economy, 2015 and beyond can be some of the most successful years of your life!

What’s really cool though after training thousands of people over the last 18+ years on how to market and run businesses online, is watching even 69 year old grandmas try internet marketing for the first time and making money! It never gets old!

Heck, I even taught my 11 year old daughter (now 12) how to sell stuff and with tiny ugly little websites! To say she isn’t hooked now is an understatement.

So how are 11 year old school girls and 69 year old grandmas building multiple income streams online you ask? Well for one, it always comes down to systems! The great news is it’s never been easier than now with the right tools and training.

I’m going to show you just how simple it is. Want to build a 6 figure plus business?

Here we go…

Step 1. Find a starving niche product.

You want to find a product where so much pain is involved, that to give a person solution is a no brainer.

Go over to Clickbank and signup for free. They have 10,000’s of digital products and all you do is grab a link… put it in front of the right audience… and you get up to 75% commissions. I personally go for membership based products where you get paid every single month that the person remains a member! I have some residual income from Clickbank from products I sold, to people I didn’t even know, from 5 years ago!

Want to have your $800 mortgage payment paid for each month? Just sell 11 $97 per month products with a 75% commission and WALLAH… you get your house for free. Well that’s how I always have thought about it anyways. 😉

Step 2. Drive traffic and build an audience!

One of the most important elements of marketing is building your following.  You might have thought, “If I could just send traffic to my website I would be rich!”.  The truth is, you can make a lot of money just sending really targeted traffic to your site, but you are going to miss out on boatloads of long term money.

I’m sure you have heard that the money is in your list right?  That’s 100% true and I’m a living testament to that.  I have build email subscriber lists into the millions, which in return has generated me millions of dollars in sales!

You see, it takes on average 7 to 9 times of seeing whatever you’re selling before most of your visitors will buy! Sometimes even more!  I have tracked people that were literally on my list for 2 years before they bought one thing from me!

So don’t be a dummy.  Build your list!


To Your Success,

Bob Beckett


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