There Are No Problems – Just Road Bumps

There Are No Problems – Just Road Bumps

There are never any “problems”, there are just “road bumps”.

Think about it.  You don’t just run over a bump in the road and pull over because it hurt to bad do you?  Even if your tire blew, will that stop you from getting a new tire and continue onto your destination?

The same thing goes with your business. NEVER look at any “problem” or “road bump” as too big. EVER!

NEVER let it stop you from going forward.  Even if you have to work on a Holiday, all throughout the night , and all throughout the day without sleep to fix push through it!

This is where TRUE success with anything in life lies.

You see, I believe that most people don’t know what “not quitting” means. Most people think… “Well I tried (cuss word) this for 7 days and it didn’t work.”


“Do or DO NOT… There is NO TRY!” -Yoda

The truth is, pretty much EVERYTHING works… it’s YOU that won’t MAKE it work for yourself, PERIOD!

Simply put, you just didn’t put in enough effort to REALLY make it happen.

If ANYONE else has done what you are trying to do, then the only person to blame, is you.

This is also very good news, because YOU are the only thing standing in your way. That means it’s beatable.

You are not fighting against the world, your competition, or even the nay sayers. You are fighting against YOU!

This is where the true success happens.

There is a reason I have made millions of dollars as an entrepreneur online.

It’s because I got extremely good at staying FOCUSED and beating myself (not anyone else) daily!


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